Frequently Asked Questions

What does a doula do, exactly?

A birth doula provides information, encouragement, mentorship, and support to you and your family during the birth of your baby. If you think about learning a new skill, there will be a time of preparation, and a time to execute what you’ve learned.

What does doula care look like?

Prenatally, you have as many visits as you need to connect with your doulas and to help plan for your birth. When you go into labor, your doula will join you when you feel the time is right for more support, and will remain with you through the duration of the birth. For very long births, we might call in a back up doula so that we can rest and refresh. During the course of your birth, we might be sitting quietly near you, not speaking or touching you if that’s what works for you, or we could be playing music and dancing with you to get your baby out. Mostly, it’s a lot of well-timed and context-based information to help you make informed decisions, knowledgeably physical support that is relative to the stage of labor you are in, and emotional support for you and your partner along the way.

My partner will be at the birth, won’t a doula be in the way?

We know your partner is the expert on you! It’s our job to support your partner in supporting you, just the way you both envision. That varies from family to family, and we help fill the gaps between where your vision ends, and your partner’s vision begins.

Whether it’s providing information, demonstrating pain coping techniques, keeping watch while he rests, or working through unexpected changes, we are there to help you, help yourselves have the best birth possible. Your partner is the number one support person for your experience, and we are there to help, not get in the way or take over.

How do I choose a rate in the sliding scale?

Choose the rate that works for your family. That’s it! We give a sliding scale guideline of $800-$1300 within which you can choose, and the number is entirely up to you. Whether you decide to hire Laura or Kristina, you choose your rate, let her know what it is, and then send 50% with your contract to begin services. No haggling!

How many visits can I have with my doula before and after the birth?

Again, this is completely up to you; you are in charge. Support should feel supportive- we don’t want our clients worrying that they will ‘use up’ a visit if they need a little more attention. We will work together to decide whether your needs can be addressed by phone or email, or if a visit would benefit you more.

What is an independent childbirth class vs. a hospital class?

Hospital based classes, while free or low cost, are often-times more a primer of what to expect when you arrive at the hospital to give birth. Independent childbirth classes are aimed at informing you of all of your options without attachment to the outcome you choose (natural vs. medicated, induction, cesarean, etc.).

Independent classes not only help to inform you of the process, but also expose you to options you might not have considered. They are also many times, influenced by the needs of the parents present, rather than what can be a rigid curriculum aimed at suiting a broader audience.

There are merits to both approaches! If you’re interested to find out more about Taproot classes, click here.

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