Childbirth Classes

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Our students say…

I just wanted to thank you because I really think your childbirth class prepared my husband for the challenge of being my doula. He did great! And it also prepared us for the transition stage when I really wanted to give up and just go home. – 2016 Student

About Taproot Classes

You are unique, and your birth is, too. In this dynamic and interactive class, you’ll laugh your way to mapping out the route to the birth that’s right for you!

You will leave this class with:

  • Personal connection to some of the local parent support systems in Kitsap County
  • Skills to cope with the sensations of labor
  • Tools to understand and implement informed consent
  • Clarity on your goals, with a plan for how to get there
  • Confidence as you forge ahead into parenting
  • A net of new parents in your community
  • … and so much more!

SIX-Week Group Series – $300/family

These classes allow you to connect with other couples, learn from some of the local resources (topics may include breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, chiropractic,  touch, nutrition and more),  and delve more deeply into the topics you care about. This class is ideal for first time parents, and those who are processing previous experiences, and preparing to take hold of their choices for their upcoming birth.


These classes follow the same content schedule as the six-week series, but with a bonus of two weeks learning fetal positioning techniques with Angie Hotz, of Angie has been a Bradley educator for several years, serving hundreds of Kitsap families as a doula and childbirth educator, and now, a student midwife. She brings the Spinning Babies method to the Taproot Classes.

Private Classes – $300/FAmily

A group environment isn’t for everyone! Set your own schedule for a private class!  The curriculum can be more customized to your particular needs, with more time to explore the topics that mean most to you, and to absorb the information you’re learning in privacy


First class in the new studio!

Class materials

All class materials will be provided.  This is a comfy learning environment. Feel free to wear your comfy clothes, take your shoes off, bring your dinner – we’re more ready to learn when we’re comfortable!